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Animal Religion – INDOMADOR

Indomador trailer 2014 from Animal Religion on Vimeo.

I had the pleasure to produce soundtracks for an amazing solo show of circus artist Quim Giron : Indomador.

Quim discovers his animal instinct transforming the stage into an animalarium. A story that shows the uncontrollable force and connects us to our deepest animality. Transgenic bodies, handstands, acrobatics with heels, spoon in the nose, rooster fight, ritual dances.

Artist: Quim Giron
External eye: Alba Serraute
Light design: Joana Serra
Sceno./Costumes: Maria Bartrons
Music: Matthieu Pernaud

Co-prod: AnticTeatre / Adria Antic / La central del Circ ( Barcelone)

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