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YAD – Ron Beeri

We’ve just done the Premiere of that juggling show on January the 11th, at the DOCH Circus school in Stockholm, and yet it plays at Subcase, a big Circus festival held by Subtopia.

Matthieu Pernaud made the music, and a max/msp patch to make the light technician’s life easier when running the show.

The performance
“YAD” is a contemporary circus solo show created and performed by Ron Beeri, on the theme of creative solutions for problems that don’t exist. Ron creates an absurd world that makes sense and a dialogue between a person and the objects surrounding him. Moving in and out of situations created by manipulations of objects around him, Ron gives a personal approach to the art of juggling in a performance of innovative high level technique, physical humour, and movement.

Created and performed by Ron Beeri.
Outside eye/consulting: Danish choreographer Kitt Johnson (X-act).
Music: Matthieu Pernaud.
Light design: Philip Carcamo.

The company
Ron Beeri is a juggler and musician, born in a “kibbutz” in north of Israel. He is based in Stockholm, where he graduated from DOCH bachelor circus program in 2012. During the last years Ron has been performing solo pieces in different venues, teaching and been involved in different artistic researches, but the main focus has been the creating of “YAD”.

here is a screenshot of the max/msp patch made for the show:

The MaxMSP patch made to run the show

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